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Design project

Design Thinking

Leading groups to embody human centricity
Enterprise Design Thinking is an evolved design thinking approach that places users at the center to solve complex enterprise problems.

As a certified EDT coach, I believe Design Thinking is not only about "thinking" and how we apply it to our day-to-day project implementation.
I lead user research and conduct interviews to understand the current user experience in the identified process.

Using personas and as-is scenarios summarised from research, I leverage it as the anchor point in envisioning future user journey.
IBM Design Thinking Coach Badge
Design Thinking 101 @ World Creativity Day 2021

Workshop Facilitation

Cutting through the noise and get meaningful, valuable work done with others
Interactive Session
I design and host workshops to drive meaningful outcomes with participants from executives to working teams, physical to a virtual experience.

Through designing focused agendas, I lead collaborative activities, remain impartial, and keep everyone on task.
Workshop Type
  • Envisioning
  • Digital Transformation
  • User Experience Design
  • Design Thinking
AXA x EY Operations Transformation
puffy's adventure

App Development

Augmented hospital reality to prepare children for intimating MRI scanning experience

The experience of going through an MRI scan can be unpleasant - loud, irritating noise while being trapped in a hollow tube. It is particularly nightmarish for young children when the only thing they can do is cry, scream, or beg for it to end.

From our in-depth research during my studies in Apple Developer Academy (2019), we learned that lying about what the children will experience would be counterproductive in preparing them for the examination. Instead, engage them with a story would be much more receptive.
Key Ideas
With support from the professional doctors in Italy, we developed an AR game that makes children feel more comfortable with the MRI examination.

Puffy is an adventurous character who travels into the mysterious underwater world for treasure hunts. We associate an MRI machine's sounds with fun experience for children to get familiar with and triggers a delightful emotion when the real examination comes.
The idea is tested and highly appreciated by the local doctors. They shared that the app takes out the anxiety that MRI examinations bring to children and even suggested making Puffy the hospital mascot to accompany young children to other medical exams.
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Puffy App Demo Image
Puffy's Adventure

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